Sunday, 19 July 2015

2015/05/11 progress

For weeks I’ve been looking forward to the moment on which I could start rebuilding the car. I thought the moment had arrived today but apparently the concave washer that came with the new shocks doesn’t fit the old springs. Out comes the grinder again but one of the old washers is gone too far to be overhauled. A new washer is added to the already extensive order list and with an extended weekend because of ascension day, my mails to various OPC’s remain unanswered. 

Heatproof paint is applied to the heat shields and exhaust. It’s the first time that I’m working with this kind of paint and my order’s a bit short. A problem that’s solved quickly thanks too some personal relations at the wholesalers.

The ratchet wrench is finally taken out and despite some amnesia (where do the eccentric bolts fit again) the rear drive train starts to look like something that can carry wheels.

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