Sunday, 19 July 2015

2015/04/07 Spring is in the air

Although I prefer not to see any launched springs. Taking the springs/shocks apart is todays task. A pair of spring tensioners on loan were offered by a member of the Porsche forum but instead I bought my own set. I’m guessing the shark won’t be my last project. ;-)

After measuring the length of the springs I feel the tension rising as I’m searching for the right tension at which I can take the shocks apart.

I’m a little uncertain but I manage to do it. It’s easier as I thought it would be and with my confidence on a rise the second shock is done quicker. The shocks are covered with 40 year old dirt and grease but are still functionering

Tomorrow I’ll give them a good cleanup but now they’re taking a bath in degreaser. They look like a bong don’t they?

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