Tuesday, 14 July 2015

2015/02/15 How art the Bolts?

carnival holiday: for many a reason to go skating on thin ice, for me it’s gearbox time. After moving the shark to a new workshop it’s time to move the tools of the trade. I won’t go for the “Thule box”approach, it’s an essential part in a carnival holiday-makers life when they take off for there balancing-act ,but the trunk will do. After all I’ll be spending the best part of the week underneath the truck

After installing the workshop, the shark is put on jack-stands again for what’ll be my biggest project so far. The big amount of nuts and bolts increases the possibility of “rusted bolt frustration” The  six bolts that hold the shocks in place are easy but at the seventh bolt I’m already facing a problem. The hard to reach hexagon-bolt between clutch and axle is rounded off. (I won’t mention the PO and his state of the art restoration attempt again, it will only add pages of cursing to this blog.)

As ever, this is happening on a sunday so I’m unable to go shopping for tools and I decide to demount the exhaust. Most bolts, or should I say piles of rust, come apart fairly easy and soon the muffler is demounted. I’d better bring out the steel brush and   RX10 as most parts are covered with rubber anti-rust spray.

Other bolts from the exhaust system are less willing, so I direct my attention to the battery box. The PO’s home-made bolts are no match for my wrenching power and I can end the day with a bit of a result.

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