Tuesday, 3 February 2015

2011/09/19 There’s an upside and a downside and there’s the country I live in.

Let’s talk a bit about Belgium first. It is a small country with the biggest amount of politicians per square mile. There main job is inventing all sorts of taxes, if there is a problem, tax it and it’ll go away. The traffic jam I was in, on my way to COC inspection, proved that this policy isn’t working. Reaching our Capitol it became clear again that driving 50 miles without a traffic jam is a no go.

The upside: Despite being late, the importer told me on the phone that if I did make it before noon they would inspect the car. I barely made it on time but the shark passes COC inspection.

The downside: My electrical sources must have been bored in traffic jam and decided to create a different sort of tension. The battery warning light pops up and the voltmeter slowly starts to drop. I kept going, Belgium law wants me to have a COC and it’s now or never.

On the way home voltage keeps dropping and I decide to leave the highway. About 20 miles from home it’s game over. Luckily my friend comes to the rescue but towing is not an option and starting it again makes it run for another 15 minutes before it goes dead again. Leaving the car behind seems the only option for now but I find a car shop nearby and buy a new battery. That takes me home were homemade food and whisky accompany the rant against Belgium and Unified Europe. I’ve had it with the paperwork.

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