Monday, 2 February 2015


June 26, 2011 would make a change in my motoring life. That day me and the missus were paying a visit to the car dealer. The shark stands out amongst the other cars, mainly because of it’s colour. There’s no maintenance record, only the original certificate of registration, dated 11/11/1977. It also has the pasha interior and it comes with a three month warranty. It even featured on the cover and as the main story of “het automobiel” magazine.

While I tried to maintain a certain cool about i all, the once critical woman left me little choice. If I bought the car I would still have a place to sleep that night if not... :-)
All things added up to buying the car, against all classic car buying rules, but then again as a musician “Ratio” is not my cup of tea.

The car dealer, who seemed to have a pretty good rep on the Dutch Porscheforum,  promised to prep the car for take away in a couple of weeks (changing of the timing belt etc.) so we left Holland in good spirits. 

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