Tuesday, 3 February 2015

2011/09/15 The shark and assholes

Again it takes weeks before the shark is ready. I really had to push the car dealer to get it done. I’d made a new appointment to get the COC and I don’t want to cancel again. 
No train this time but my buddy takes us to the car dealer. When we arrive, the car is parked outside and as soon as we are standing next to it, the car dealer brings out the key’s and simply says : “Drive!” We get the feeling that he want’s to get rid of us. When asking a few questions his answers are short and unfriendly. 

He might have a good rep but I wonder where he got it from and since it’s no use waisting time arguing, we get in the shark and take it home. We can come to the conclusion that they’ve taken some care of the to do list and there’s a good chance on passing the COC inspection. After today the car dealer gets the “asshole” stamp though.

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