Wednesday, 4 February 2015

12/11/03 Brakes do break me (almost)

Autumn break is a good time to deal with a few problems. The brakes aren’t done yet, 
checking the drive shafts (the sound coming from the rear wasn’t fixed by the car dealer) and making sure that all the bolts from my steering rack fix are still firm in place, make up the to do list.
Monday: getting the brake discs removed, proves to be a pain in the ass. I deliberately have to break a bolt to get it done. It takes a full day and at the end of the day the look of the brake shoes is a bitter sight.
Tuesday: in the morning I set sail for Holland were I pick up a used brake caliper and spot a nice Karmann Ghia while doing so. The afternoon is spend sanding and preparing the brake parts for painting. 
Thursday: due to bad weather, cold and wet, most of the paint hasn’t dried. There’s still plenty of work but the first job is getting a new brake master in place. The type of job that makes grown men lose their minds. Some new swearing words are invented and the crate of beer goes down as quickly as my temper.

I start the shark for some comfort but there’s still white smoke and now there’s also a ticking noise coming from the engine. Checking the oil filler cap does’t make me happier. Despite getting some things done, the “to do list” has grown longer. Getting a fresh crate of beer tops the list.

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