Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2015/10/18 Vaseline

Vaseline has manny applications and vaseline-sprays are fully appreciated in the automotive landscape too. Often Vaseline is applied extraneous for internal purposes and vaseline cans are no exception to this. As soon as a vaseline can has thrusted in a vaseline covered “shaft sealing ring” I can start monitoring the diff. 

My “stot” proves to be 1,25mm and my measured backlash is 0,81mm, these numbers are needed in the magic formulas printed on p.39-20 of the WSM. Play close attention to “note 2”, something I’d better done too but for now I’m convinced my math was right and I’ve had enough of laying on my belly doing measurements. Closing the transmission and filling it up with Swepco 201 marks the end of a fruitful day. 

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